From the Pastor's Desk

“"Watch me," he told them. "Follow my lead. When I get to the edge of the camp, do exactly as I do.” Judg. 7:17.

Leaders lead by example.  Others watch them and then follow them.  Whether others follow by good example or bad example, is up to the leader who is leading.  Everyone is a leader…in that there are always others who observe you in all of your ways and they take the cue to do, as you do. 

You have what is called influence…and thus you are also a leader, whether or not you hold any ‘official’ position.  So, are you a good leader?  Do you hold a high standard for how you live and speak so that others that follow your example are inspired to do the same?  Or are you careless about how you present yourself as a ‘leader?’  Good leaders lead by example in so many ways.  Here are but a few:

·       Faithfulness – in relationships, in communication, in attendance, in commitment, in punctuality…

·       Loving – loving everyone all the time…going out of themselves to love on others

·       Forgiveness – never holding grudges…blessing those that treat them in un-Christ-like ways

·       Affirming others – never afraid to bless and build the lives of others

·       Hearing God and loving His Word

Are you a good leader?