Salvation Testimonies

Sharing Christ at Work


At work recently, we had a lovely young lady come as part of her teaching course. 


I always like to make new people feel comfortable. I joined her at the table in our staff room and we chatted. Later I came to know more about her.  She had been very upset lately.  So, the next day, I asked if I could pray for her. She agreed and left the staff room in tears, because she just found out how Jesus loved her and knew what had been going on in her life; He always does! 


She had other needs but was due to move on to another place to do the next placement.  She texted me, to say she was getting a Bible.  She had been thinking of it for some time.  I said to her “please come and see me in the room off the staff room before lunch time ends”.  She came in at 12.55 pm. Lunch ends at 13.00 pm. 


There and then, she gave her life to Christ in the final five mins of the lunch time.  As she did, she was in floods of tears. The following week, her last with us, she was offered a job with no interview at all.  She was teaching, as the regular teacher was off sick.  She had to step in; her observation took place one day, in that timeframe. 


Everyone; that's our God; Amen!  She just added the best friend ever to her life; What about you?


Louise (June 2018)

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