Healing Testimonies

Below are a testimonies where God's healing power has been expressed in a mighty way. This ranges from the common cold, to hay fever to Terminal illnesses such as Cancer and AIDS. 

Creative Miracle

My nephew’s wife had miscarried twins and had an ectopic pregnancy all within one year.  She had a scan done which showed that she was born with one fallopian tube, which was scarred from the ectopic pregnancy.  On top of that, her uterus had folded in on itself, such that it could not accommodate a pregnancy.


She shared with me her plan that she wanted to tell her husband that she was freeing him to marry another woman who could bring forth children and that if he still loved her, to allow her to stay with them.  


This whole scenario made me very emotional and I called my family together and prayed for God to recreate a functional uterus.


A month later, my nephew’s wife got pregnant and, although it appeared to be in the right place, the doctor told my niece that she could not go beyond the 4th month due to the condition of her uterus.


As a family we continued praying and the pregnancy went to full term with a baby girl being born at 40 weeks +3 days.


We serve an awesome God who nothing is impossible for.  Glorify Him with me.


Regina (July 2018)



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