Other Testimonies

I just have to share this testimony of God's grace, mercy and amazing protecting power.

After the CTW meeting tonight (25/11/18), I went with Kim to the youth meeting at the Baptist Church. On our way home, we stopped at a cash point and then popped into the shop next door. Whilst we were in the shop, we heard a mighty bang! We thought it was a gunshot! I turned around and the window of the shop was broken. Through the broken window we could see a mangled car wedged in the heavy iron railing facing the side of my car. We went outside and was greeted with heavy iron debris everywhere.

The driver was clearly dazed but appeared unhurt.  He emerged from his car which was clearly written off and said another car had hit him and sped off.  A small group had gathered by this time and as we looked around we could see that two other shops were damaged.  There was twisted and broken iron rods all over the road, broken glass & broken car parts everywhere.

Here is the miracle! My car, which was between the mangled car and the damaged shops, WAS UNTOUCHED!  People kept say how lucky I was and I told them luck had nothing to do with it; it was God's grace, mercy and protecting power at work. Thank You Lord!

Yvonne (November 2018)

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