From the Pastor's Desk

“…they set out for the land of Canaan, and they arrived there.” Gen. 12:5.

God calls us all to a better place…a better place in Him, a better place with others, and a better place in our mission.  But you ask, “doesn’t he call me to a better place in my finances and in my health?” 

Yes, those are both part of the ‘abundant life’ package of John 10:10.  However, many people are well in their bodies and have money to spend but still don’t ‘live well.’  Their inner lives are full of discontent even if they don’t consciously realise the source of their discontent yet. 

They massage and anesthetise their mind and emotions, in many different ways, in order to alter their lack of life, inwardly.  No matter what they do, life as it is meant to be experienced, seems to elude them.  Nevertheless, God still calls.  What then?  How will every believing believer move into the ‘abundant life’ package of John 10:10? 

In the simplest of terms, the One who calls is the One who leads.  This is so opposite to the instinct we were born with.  We instinctively think that we must work to gain ‘the good life.’  And so, we do…in every way the world has designed, and we discover, like the world, that doesn’t work. We learn The Way, is the one that He directs, by the Spirit as we believe and obey Him.  The most famous Psalm says, “He leads me….” There remains a pleasant pasture and a refreshing, joyful life of plenty when we learn to simply follow Him by listening, believing and obeying.