From the Pastor's Desk

“…to him who led his people through the desert, His love endures for ever.” Ps. 136:16.

Who gave you the right to think that today will be like yesterday?  Many times, we can be tempted to think that what ‘has been,’ will ‘be.’  Yet we may have forgotten that the Bible paints our life as a journey—a progressive movement from earth to glory. 

We are never meant to believe that we are ‘stuck in the mud’ of the past and its discouraging circumstances and experiences.  His mercies are ‘new every morning!” Lam. 3:22,23 NKJV. Today, there are mercies (getting what you don’t deserve) new to enable your journey and take you where you could not otherwise go. 

Thank Him now for those ‘new mercies!’ God, according to the verse above, leads His people through the desert!  You are on your way ‘through’ until you are ‘through!’ Say it aloud, “I am on my way through! I am still moving!  I am certainly headed for the end of this chapter!” It is your activated faith that releases God’s enabling grace into your life circumstance—nothing else.  Let no apparent setback, opposition, failure, or seemingly contradictory circumstance, cause you to ‘stall’ in the desert.  It’s no place to ‘make your home!’ 

No matter how much you unwittingly accept it, you will never be comfortable there. Get up today and re-examine your position in relation to all your ‘earthly circumstances.’  It is Eph. 2:6. Look down on the troubles, the history and the ‘stuff’ and say to them, “You are finished!!” …because He said you were!  Isa. 52:2; John 19:30.