From the Pastor's Desk

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Heb. 11:1.

We live in a world of uncertainty and negative speculation. 

Every day the news is filled with projections of the negative things that might happen.  It is also filled with all the terrible things that have happened to people.

We get a lot of voices telling us of the negative things in this life.  Yet, in the midst of all this negativity, doubt, and uncertainty, the believer is commanded to live with confidence, assurance, faith and strong certainty.  A great contradiction. 

He/she must anchor their thought life in the Word of Him who cannot lie.  His promises are always faithful and true because that is Who He is.  As faith comes by ‘hearing,’ we must also embrace the truth that the ‘word of faith’ or the word that brings faith is a revelational word.  It is a revelation brought to us by the Spirit. 

When we came to know Christ as our Saviour, we had the truth of His coming and the ‘why’ of His coming.  However, not until the day when the ‘word of salvation,’ a Spirit-given revelation, came to us, did we accept Christ as our Saviour.  Thus, we must also, anchor our lives in a Spirit-revealing consciousness for all the ‘stuff’ that we face. 

The Spirit will only speak the Word and what is in-line with the Word.  We must speak in tongues and listen, receive His revelation and act upon it.  This is the ‘operation of faith.’  Get in the Word. Get in the Spirit. Listen. Act. Receive. Be blessed!