From the Pastor's Desk

God calls us.  He leads us.  We sometimes go where it is difficult.  The season of difficulty lasts longer than we think it should.  It stretches our endurance…and in so doing, we learn the perseverance of faith. Rom. 5:3, 4. 

We turn to God more deeply, more often, and more seriously.  We find Him there, bringing us peace. The peace He brings, isn’t necessarily immediate circumstantial relief, but a calm knowing that our lives are in His hands and He is processing us for His glory, for what is to come…that He knows, and we don’t know.

He blesses us with small surprises and divine connections that help to anchor our soul in hope and give re-invigorated resolve.  Levels of intimacy, trust, and change are most often only achieved through the ‘press of circumstances’ that cause us to seek Him more intensively.  Whatever you face today, look up! 

He is standing there with arms outstretched toward you, smiling.  Nothing is meant to harm you or destroy you that comes from His hand.  Say aloud, “Yes, Holy Spirit, I submit to your work in me and I receive your love today…help me to capture all the grace and all the lessons of this season…I will praise you on this part of the journey as well!”