Provision Testimonies

A Revelation of the Importance of Tithing

I wish to thank Clive for responding to God. He ran a great course and was fully obedient. Since which I have the freedom to tithe. It was always there. Just to add, my income at times fluctuates. So now I can pay my tithe straight into the church bank account. I am so joyful; this has removed any fears or doubts from my mind.

Since beginning to tithe this way I have sown seed too during the offering times at church. This has produced so much fruit.


1. My daughter not only passed her driving test; the first time. She got a great first Smart car. (I just helped her get a brilliant 2nd car. Great favour, from my Heavenly dad);

2. I get great bargains, which helps save a lot of money. Items come my way which are cut down, to half price at times. Thanks to Jehovah Jireh;

3. My Muslim neighbour, went through extreme, devastating times. One night I offered to pray for him on the doorstep. He lives opposite. I told him I was going to pray in Jesus’ name. I held him as he wept openly - but no more tears. He works full time in a Fishmongers. This happened within 7-8 days of that prayer;

The blessings don't always come in a way you expect. Or come to you, via an envelope in the church offering. God promises 'come they will.'  Trust God with your all; tithe, name and sow seeds and you then wait and see.

Louise (April 2020)